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What’s In Your Tennis Bag?

What’s In Your Tennis Bag?

Whether you’re going to a casual match with friends or on the competition circuit, it’s important to have your tennis bag ready. Here’s a list of items we recommend.

Tennis Rackets

Extra tennis rackets are a good idea because you never know when the strings of your favorite one will give up.


Staying hydrated is super important! Tennis is exhausting and you’ll tend to lose a lot of water from sweating it out on the court. Bring plenty of water or a sports drink; it will help prevent dehydration, cramps and help you avoid injury.


Tennis food is always good to have in your bag especially for those moments when you can’t get away for a quick meal. Keep the weather in mind when packing food. Protein bars will melt in hot weather. Try trail mix, granola, or a banana.


A good workout means you’re going to be sweating. Keep your hands dry to prevent them from slipping on your tennis racket and causing painful blisters. It’s also great for wiping down between sets so you don’t feel so gross. Be sure to pack several.

Sneaker Balls

You probably throw your tennis shoes into the bag after a set – and that’s fine except… the smell can get really bad! Make sure you have a good supply of fresh sneaker balls to throw in your shoes after a sweaty workout. It will keep your shoes and everything else in the bag a fighting chance against the unfavorable gym odor.


Unless you play indoors, sunscreen is a must-have for outdoor competition.

Tennis Hat or Visor
Keep the glare of the sun out of your eyes.
Keeps the sweat off your face.

Extra Clothes

Sometimes a change of shirt between matches can make you feel like a new person, especially if you’re competing against an arch rival. It gives you a mental boost, plus getting out of those sweaty clothes will make you feel better. Psst! It might psyche out your opponent too. And don’t forget about extra socks! Changing from tennis clothes to street clothes feel a lot better when your feet are fresh too.


Blisters are the worst and you get plenty of them when you’re playing tennis. You put a lot of stress on your feet from hard stops and running during competitive volleys. The endless rubbing of your hand and racket grip will also cause painful blisters. Sure, you can play through a little pain but bandages will protect the blisters from getting worse and you can play on with some semblance of comfort.

Tennis Balls

Always bring extra tennis balls because you can never rely on your partner to be prepared. Plus you get the advantage of using your favorite brand because you’re familiar with the feel, weight, and bounce.

Did we miss anything? What else do you carry in your tennis bag?

Let us know in comments below.

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