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Third Set Refuel – Give Yourself A Boost

Third Set Refuel – Give Yourself A Boost

Third Set Refuel

Don’t Sleep On The Third Set Refuel

Third set is the best and worst place to be. At one point, you were down but here we go – time to reset and play. You are mentally and psychically exhausted, so before third set starts, you will need to refuel. Make it quick and easy with some my favorite energy snacks.

Our Favs

Apples: First let me be frank- I have a fear of Bananas. I will unwrap that “issue” later. I always have an apple in my bag, as it is the perfect tennis snack. After couple bites, your blood sugar will rise. It is light on your belly, so you wont throw up while sprinting in the favorite rectangle (key benefit right?) It has a hydrating element that is much needed if you have been playing for a couple hours (don’t think bananas can claim that!)

Kind bars: These are the perfect mix of sodium, sugar and long lasting fuel in the shape of nuts. The nuts will fuel you through this final slugfest without over filling.

IV Fluid Packets: This is a must on a hot day of tennis. Dump this deliciousness into your water bottle. It’s basically a clean gatorade (you’re welcome). Caution it’s so yummy-small sips to avoid a sloshy tummy.

Gear up on your way out.

Play on!
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