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SUMMER SALE: 50% OFF ENTIRE WEBSITE!!!! *all sales final** discount at checkout!! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS OVER $50.00
The Sun- Tennis Enemy #1

The Sun- Tennis Enemy #1

Hail the sun! It is an inevitable part of playing the game – hoping for beautiful weather but shielding ourselves from the intense UV rays.

Sun protection is such an important aspect of aging well, making eye protection and skin care big businesses. As a fair skin sun worshipper, I have tried and tested many products. What I have discovered is what works on the water will not work while on the tennis courts.  I am so envious of ladies who can go without a hat or sunglasses during a match. You are a BOSS! Meanwhile, you’ll find me covered in the trifecta of sun blocking accessory:  Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Let’s start with the basics: skin protection. Every morning I start my day with a tinted sunscreen on my face. Jane Iredale Dream Tint Moisturizer is a light weight,  water resistant moisturizer with SPF 15. And it tops the charts as my ALL time favorite. Right before I get on the court, I add Beauty Counter  Counter Sun Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 on all other exposed body parts. It’s a bit thick but not greasy. I take an extra step for my face and reapply the counter sun mineral stick for the face.  Sounds like a lot, but a dermatologist has never recommended I apply less skin protection.

Call me particular but I only like one pair of sunglass while I play tennis. GOODR  sunglasses are next level and my only recommendation for tennis players and runners alike. They stay put, even in the sweatiest of situations. The polarized lenses result in great visual clarity for that  sweet little angel who continuously lobs. Major bonus- they come in fun variety of bright colors with clever names . You will wonder how you ever survived without these brilliant spectacles!   

Lastly – visor thoughts. Well really, a question: why is everyone obsessed the elastic band, one sizes squeezes all option? If the visor rim allows my sunglasses to fit underneath and does not cause my brain to want jump out of my head, we’re set to play. I’ve yet to find this magical perfect fit, and perhaps one exists and I’m simply unaware. (If that’s the case, send a message to @ladetennis and help me find the missing piece to my sun protection trifecta). Until then, I will dream up the ideal style and consider adding it to our line of tennis gear….one day. In the meantime, I keep a Brooks Running Sherpa Visor in my tennis bag. While not the most stylish, it is certainly the most comfortable – and that counts for something.  

Sure, I am specific in my likes and dislikes. But one thing’s for sure: I will play hard and keep that aging to a minimum as long as I can!

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