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SUMMER SALE: 50% OFF ENTIRE WEBSITE!!!! *all sales final** discount at checkout!! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS OVER $50.00
The Perfect High-Waisted Tennis Skirt

The Perfect High-Waisted Tennis Skirt

Lādē Tennis was born out of a strong desire to feel AND look my best on the court!  Sometimes I like to think I was a female tennis player in the early 1900’s reincarnated on a mission to create women’s tennis apparel that fits and feels great on and off the court!  Can y’all even imagine wearing something like the above photo today?

I can still remember my first tennis skirt as a young girl. I loved it and I felt like a million dollars wearing it!  You know the one I am referring to: all white, pleated cotton stitched down around the waist and hips. I remember how perfectly it fit me, how the waist band had a button and a zipper on the side.  It felt like it was extra starched from the dry cleaners… but it wasn’t. Sadly, my love for that skirt ended at what was underneath: The dreaded bloomer! I think those were designed after adult diapers but adult diapers with a pocket. Almost always made from polyester, those bloomers were like a punishment!  I loathed putting them on but I had to because there was no other option at the time. I’m cringing even thinking about it now!

My how times have changed!! Aren’t we all so happy that stretch fabrics came on the scene?  I am petite in size but also curvy so I have always had a difficult time finding bottoms that fit well and looked great!  Over the years I’ve had many skirts and liked one thing about each one, but I never loved another skirt like that first stark white one! I would often dream of the perfect high-waisted tennis skirt and then one day it just hit me, if I wanted that dream skirt, I would need to make it!  

I started by making a list of what I liked about each skirt I owned.  Attention to waist bands, fun prints and colors, and comfort were just a few of my requirements! I don’t sew,  but I knew what I wanted and was determined to make it happen. Through trial and error my dream skirt came to fruition!

perfect high-waisted tennis skirt

Attention to the female figure and how a garment should function on the moving body are at the core of every Lādē Tennis design. I am so proud to share Lādē Tennis apparel with female athletes, who like me have been on the hunt for that perfect high-waisted tennis skirt for years!  

Always #sportconfidence,


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